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I teach meditation, psychoanalysis, and psychedelic intervention: with these tools I can help you grow into a powerful human creature. I am at your service.



We discard the absurd fantasies and priestly agendas which have plagued meditative practice: I teach meditation as a form of remedial neuronal training. We're interested in the frontiers of human potential: my method seeks to exploit nonlinear emergence via conditioning of the many unconscious subsystems, which produces a far greater yield of intelligent behaviors at the conscious niveaux than the usual topdown approach.


Free association and the training in unconscious semantics is one of the most powerful weapons available in the war for spiritual growth. I can teach you to employ that vast domain of intelligence and intuition which most of us cannot reliably access.

When these methods work together, you should become more incisive yet receptive, energetic yet restful, imaginative yet factual, playful yet serious.


There's a growing mainstream acceptance of what has been obvious to many of us for a long time: episodic psychedelic intervention by a qualified and mature practitioner is one of the most effective treatments for a variety of depressions, addictions, and traumas. Some of the exotic metabolic paths invoked by these substances actually stimulate neural regrowth within core areas responsible for long-term memory, emotive association, and sense of self: in fact they're considered essential medicines for human sanity in their traditional contexts. There's no better time than the present to find your path.