I teach meditation on a remote basis. My methods are effective because they are tested, distilled, and unencumbered by metaphysical nonsense.



We discard the absurd fantasies and priestly agendas which have plagued meditative practice: I teach meditation and self-development as a form of remedial neuronal training. We’re interested in the frontiers of human potential: my method seeks to exploit nonlinear emergence via conditioning of the many unconscious subsystems, which produces a far greater yield of intelligent behaviors at the conscious niveaux than the usual topdown approach.

When this method works, you should become more intelligent yet receptive, energetic yet restful, imaginative yet factual, playful yet serious.


Remote sessions weekly. Retreats available to advanced students.

The fee for the initial consultation session is $100.


Consider this question: what do you want from meditation?

Please indicate your timezone and whether you prefer a weekend or weekday timeslot. Send your response to: apply@bartholomy.ooo