I'm a writer, teacher, and researcher living off grid in the high desert of North America.

I spent most of my twenties searching for my teachers. I first learned real meditative discipline from an Indian guru. Later I studied with a Sufi musical master. Later still I was able to explore Native American traditions: peyote, ayahuasca, and sweatlodge being the most influential ceremonies. Kundalini Yoga and its more rigorous prana training were important in my development. I was also able to find an excellent teacher of Qigong and Liuhebafa, which I studied for 7 years. I dabbled in Zen like every other lost boy, but it was the Daoists from whom I learned. Eventually I was drawn to the psychoanalytic scene in NYC, and studied formally and informally under an excellent teacher connected to the Lacanian schools of Paris.

By my thirties I had grown tired of living below the poverty line in expensive cities. By the will of the gods, I was able to become a software engineer at Google, where I stayed just long enough to be able to begin the life of solitude I lead now. I still write code for the sake of research. But my passion is teaching young people a much distilled version of everything I've learned so far: I must pass it on, else I have no right to it.

As for what I look like...