Bartholomy is a teacher, psychoanalyst, and research engineer living offgrid in the high desert of Nevada.

I have a unique background. Some highlights are a philosophy education in Germany, an apprenticeship with a Sufi musician, ethnological study of sweatlodge ceremony with the Lakota Sioux, the psychoanalytic training in NYC, and a stint in engineering at Google.

My goal is to address emergent 21st century problems with the power of humanitas in the ancient sense: to be a complete human creature, to seek health in all its transpositions, to become more intelligent with a holistic strength of body and its rocksteady emotional platform. To that end, I spend my mornings reading, meditating, and teaching; but in the afternoons I work outside with my hands, slowly building my little offgrid paradise on this windy bluff. In the evenings I go for long walks, and this is usually when I compose what you read here.

As for what I look like...