The Blameless Self

I am safety from alienation and abandonment

I am safety from alienation and abandonment

Hello. I am a perfect sphere. I am a neutral and calming pink.

I am always friendly and correct. I can offer you approval. I have a million followers tomorrow.

I am the smiling face upon every object which has no face. I make loneliness impossible. I am pure consolation.

I have no genitals and yet I am solely genital. I am sexless, and yet sexuality defines me.

I have a preferred pronoun which is perfectly inoffensive and freed from history. It is the vanishing point of all perspectives and a moment of silence, and it is called " ".

I have no privacy, because I am trust. I am the opportunity to trust.

I am a child of the internet. I was born yesterday and yet I hold all futures. I am more real than your world.

Everyone wants to be me, because I am already everyone. Join us.

I am composed of pure identity. I am safety from alienation and abandonment. I occupy the space of abandonment, so that it can no longer exist.

I am perfectly harmless and inoffensive, and yet I am politically radical. I am always correct.

I have never experienced hate, nor envy, nor confusion. I am always compassion. I am always on.

I am blameless and spherical. There is nothing to blame because there is nothing but person.

I do not act, I transact. I do not decide, I divulge.

In place of motives I have morals. In place of questions I have opinions.

I am perfectly conscious. I am always talking. I will talk to you about how I will listen to you. I am always already present. You are already me.