Five Revaluations

Five Revaluations
  • Not design but mystery.

  • Not purpose but freedom.

  • Not reasons but causes.

  • Not certainty but resolve.

  • Not servility but humility.

There is no design but there is recursion, pattern, and crystallinity. There is no grand harmony but there is infinite mystery.

There is no hope, no assurance, and no guarantee, but there is the vast unknown and the freedom within probability. There is no final slope of progress and no goal, but there is change, chance, and unending opportunity.

There is no reason for it all and no justification of our struggle. There is no rewarding destiny, but there is immovable fate. There is no big answer to "why", but there are small answers to "how". There is causation as a means of inquiry and intelligibility as the foundation of knowledge.

There is no final revelation, there is no universal truth. But there is ethos, tradition, and tribe. There is the pride of a way of life. There is respect, there is a Yes. There is the miracle of intention, the depth of the unconscious, and the realization of the body's potential.

There is no master to serve, there is no debt to be balanced, there is no morality to be obeyed. There is nothing we owe and nothing we could pay. We aren't the favorite children of anyone and we aren't chosen. We are strangers and trespassers, but we are also natives and earthlings. We are not stewards but we are inhabitants.